Fortschritt T-031 V1.0

Date : 2022-06-02 10:22:44 Report

The T031 was also developed in the rationalization means construction in Sangerhausen and is an attachment for e.g. the tractors T150K and ZT 303. The sliding fork is used for feeding horizontal silos. It can be used to store almost all silage materials without any restriction in terms of chop length. The functions of the sliding fork are controlled hydraulically from the tractor. Two free hydraulic connections on the tractor allow the use of 2 independently acting working cylinders. The tipping angle (max. 44°) is controlled by means of the cylinder between the coupling frame and the base body. The cylinder between the base body and the grapple controls the function of the grapple. The width is 3 m, and the total volume is 6 cubic meters, thus a working capacity of 90 - 120 t/h can be achieved.

By mouse control freely movable
Price: 5500 $
Max. power: 74 KW / 100 hp

Credits: DtP Mario

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