Framest Pack V1.0

Date : 2023-12-12 23:24:17 Report

Framest is a hungarian farming implement manufacturer.
This pack contains the FraDisc 6000 heavy disc harrow which can be used as a plough with 6 meter workwidth. As an extra feature, there is further config for the disc harrow where you can find a pre-attached roller (which functions as a cultivator).
If you choose the pre-attached roller config, it disables the attacher for the trailed roller FraRoll 6500.

The next asset in this pack is the FraRoll 6500 roller with 6.5 meter workwidth.
If you attach this trailed roller after the heavy disc harrow, you can farm your fields in one easy step - if you had enough horsepower for it!

Working width: 6 meter
Recommended power: 245+ HP

- FraDisc 6000:
Base price: 22800$
Workwidth: 6 meter
Function: plow
Extra function: cultivator

Please note that you can align the disc harrow to left/right with mouse control.

- FraRoll 6500:
Base price: 11500$
Workwidth: 6.5 meter
Function: roller
Extra function: looks cool.. for now

Credits: n0tr3adY

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