Glengarry Map V1.0

Date : 2023-05-30 23:13:11 Report

Glengarry is a fictional glen on the Antrim coast in Northern Ireland.

Glengarry is easy to play and has a fair amount of detailed modelling which
hopefully adds to the overall character and feel of the map.

9 level buyable areas of differing sizes for placeables.
39 easy to farm standard fields with generous headlands.
1 preplaced grapevines field bought with winery.
1 preplaced olive groves field bought with farmland.
2 forested areas.
Northern Irish vehicle licence plates on vehicles.
Cotton fillType enhanced. Requires cotton enabled vehicles and silos to fully function.
UK Growth Calender.
Whiskey bottle Collectibles.
Mini tour which shows farm office, repair bay and how to buy preplaced animal pens on main farm.
Winery (produces palleted wine from grapes)
Bait Shop (produces palleted bait from maize)
Diesel Refinery (produces diesel from canola)
Fishing Boats (produces palleted fish from bait and diesel)
Preplaced animal pens on main farm which can be bought via farmlands menu.
Preplaced olive groves bought with farmland.
Preplaced farm silo which stores liquids.
Preplaced pallet storage warehouse on main farm.
Preplaced greenhouses on main farm with front loading water.
Various supplementary sellpoints.
Sellable farm infrastructure.

Sawmill ramp for loading the train with logs.
Can be done manually or with the *Fliegl Timber Runner Autoload Train mod which will load logs into the timber wagon of the train automatically.

How to use:
1) Call train at sawmill, train will stop with timber wagon at correct loading point.
2) Align *Fliegl Timber Runner Autoload Train with the red unload target on bed of train timber wagon.
3) Unload onto train, fasten tension belts on train and despatch to sell in Belfast.

*NB I have been given permission to use this tweaked mod by kenny456.

Later versions of map to include ai, traffic system and more comprehensive language translations.
Passed all tests on Giants TestRunner_public_0_8_10

Credits: digipea

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