Green Valley Nebraska 4X V2.0

Date : 2022-05-14 09:54:52 Report

Green Valley Nebraska 4X PC Map for FS22

Version 2.0:

New Changes:
-The map has a custom soil map to support Precision DLC.
-Increased capacity in all Productions to support issues with contract jobs.
-Increased the rate for all Productions, Corn Dryer, and Harvestore Silos to produce faster.
-Animals will now accept bales directly for both food and straw.
-Increased food storage for animals now so they won't get empty by morning.
-All Animal pens now have an automatic water supply. No more of those tankers and roundtrips now.
-Added smoke effects to many of the Factory buildings

-Fixed issues where the Ethanol plant trigger is not working.
-Fixed issues where the Cereal factory trigger is not working.
-Fixed issues where Ashely Farms were missing the fences for the cow barn.
-Fixed issues where Straw triggers do not work sometimes for animal barns.

Note: New Save is not required, however, if any of the above changes do not reflect or have mod conflicts, please consider a new save game.

Credits: DJ Modding

Download File (733.5 MB)