Grimme Se260 V1.1

Date : 2022-07-15 14:46:45 Report

Version 1.1:
-Fixed the mouse controls for the bunker
-Added support for picking up additional windrowed crops !!-Requires a map with these crops installed and will not harvest them-!!

With the 2-row, off-set trailed SE 260 with 6 t bunker, GRIMME supplements its very successful SE 150-60 series and with that is able to enter the performance dimension of 2-row bunker-harvesters at an attractive price. The digging technology is based on a combination of the effective yet gently harvesting elements of the 2-row SE 150-60 and the optimized harvest flow of the 1-row SE 75-55. The machines compact design makes this machine highly manoeuvrable, which offers many benefits - especially at the headlands. The weight of 9.2 tonnes and the wide tyres up to 800 / 45 - 30.5 ensures low ground compaction. The SE 260 is suited for tractors from 110 HP onwards.

Price: 150,000$
Working width: 1.8 m
Capacity: 9276 liter

New Features added;
-New tire option, wide tires now have crop damage as they would in the real world, narrow tires do no crop damage.
-Can pick up potatoes off the ground (for windrow harvesters)

Credits: Dazed

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