Harvester For Cotton And Lavender V1.0

Date : 2022-03-25 18:43:51 Report

2 harvesters for cotton and lavender
Case and John Deere cotton harvesters with additional ability to harvest lavender

Was changed:
-Added lavender
-Installed a more powerful engine variant to choose from
-Working speed increased to 20 km/h
-Repair interval extended
-Color choice for the chassis and rims.

Known problem: as long as the machines are not completely empty, the other fruit cannot be harvested.
If the forced discharge does not work because of too little content, unfortunately only resetting helps to empty the machines.
I know that none of this is realistic, but that was never my aim.
Nobody has to use the mod, but anyone who wants to can.

Credits: GIANTS Software, RolfB69

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