Hirschfeld Staffed Workshop V0.3.0.1

Date : 2022-10-29 13:00:38 Report

Workshop with staff that automatically washes, repairs and paints vehicles.
– Change to use Revamp
– hired staff (thanks to wingi)
– Modern LED spotlight mounted
– Lua bug fixed when configuring during automatic (AutomaticCarWash script
– Moved trigger to purchase diesel and added marker to it
– Corrected leveling when placing
– New brand icon used

Actions are performed every 5 seconds during which one or more vehicles are in the repair area.
10% are washed, 5% repaired and 2% painted at no additional cost.
For this, maintenance costs of 10,000 € per month are incurred.

In addition, the workshop is equipped with a 25,000 litre diesel tank, so that fuel can be refuelled during automatic maintenance.
Refuelling has to be started manually. Diesel can be filled up by the owner or purchased.

Inside the workshop there is a workshop trigger to reconfigure vehicles if necessary.

Credits: HoT online Team

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