Hobos Hollow 4X Map V1.2

Date : 2022-05-30 22:02:41 Report

Welcome to Hobo’s Hollow 4x – enter the land that time forgot, where the weeds grow thick and the hobos roam free.

Changelog: v1.2
– Added custom Precision Farming Soil Map
– extended planting/harvest window for certain crops

Changelog: v1.1
– Improved Traffic System
– Changed sorghum growth schedule to a summer crop to match irl
– Reduced land prices
– Minor economy tweaks

– There are 57 fields of various sizes and a selection of forestry plots to suit all of your logging needs.
– The map includes a selection of empty plots that are ideal for production placement, or maybe starting a new farm.
– There are 8 sellpoints, sawmill, debris crusher etc., and a starter farm with everything you need to get started on new farmer mode.
– Benefit from a custom growth calendar which allows double cropping. Plant a winter crop and harvest the next summer. If you are quick you can plant again and harvest in the autumn.

Step back in time on Hobo’s Hollow with your very own taste of rural USA. Have fun and happy farming!

Credits: Haggis

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