Horsch Evo 12.375 Multifrucht V1.3

Date : 2023-07-29 14:17:06 Report

- Adaptation of the moddesc version for the current Giants patch.
- Corrections were made in the xml files.

- Added more color choice options
- Rotating lights installed at the rear

This is the Horsch Evo 12.375, also called "Big Berta". This seeder has no-till thus is
no cultivating/ploughing necessary beforehand. In addition, the Horsch Evo can sow all types of fruit.
This seeder is also called "Big Berta" by some players.
The seed drill will not have a rolling function. Since there is a script for this in the Giants ModHub, which automatically adds this function.

Technical specifications:
- Shop category: Devices --> Sowing technology
- Capacity: 10,000 liters of seed and 7,500 liters of fertilizer
- Price: €171,000
- Weight: 9.2 tons
- Required power: 235 KW / 320 HP
- Working width: 12 m
- Working speed: 18 km/h
- Rim and wheel hub color choice
- Suitable for multiplayer

Credits: Model: GiantsIdee: Mod Micha

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