Ihc 1455 Fh Tractor V2.8

April 26, 2022 11:19 am 565 Downloads

I converted this mod from fs 19 to fs22. I also added new features along the way.

Version 2.8:
slight texture edits
a better grill on the front and sides
new decals on c pillars
warning triangle
new store icons

there are a few engine configurations,

wheel configs
you can also change the rim colors.

beacon configs
-left, right, both or none

design configs
-fenders, yes or no
-stickers, decals, warning triangle, yes or no
-normal or straight exhaust
-options for extra lights
-weights or FH
-different grills/colours
-mirrors yes or no (deselecting the mirrors improves fps on lower devices)

-both doors
-rear and side windows
-sun visor


Credits: lars2005, LSPfuscher

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