Industrial Greenhouse V2.0

Date : 2022-12-02 11:45:32 Report

I always wanted a single greenhouse to produce as many products as IRL a greenhouse can produce.
This is realistic version of the greenhouse on industrial scale (made by WES_Mods) that now produce alongside the base-game lettuce, tomato and strawberry, new crops as: melon, watermelon, cabbage, red cabbage, flowers, pumpkin, cucumber, onion and pepper.
The recipes uses water, seeds, lime, manure, solid fertilizer, wood chips and empty pallets (last one is buyable from the store or can be produced by my sawmill platinum; other empty pallets may work)
Cost: 100,000
Maintenance: 2000
The spawning area can be a mess because of the different types of pallets spawned.
It includes a selling point that should work with any pallets goods (PRODUCT category)
Onion and cucumber doesn't have animation inside (plannt appearing on the ground)
Prices set to make worth of the ingredients and favorizes the new products.
If you can contribute with plant nodes (for the missing ones or to replace the pumpkins and peppers that don't look too good) and pallets (both if new products) will be apreciated and mentioned as contributor.

Credits: WES_ModsJinkou89

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