John Deere 6030 6Cyl Series V1.0

Date : 2022-05-23 07:55:57 Report

Beautiful, legendary John Deere 6000 series tractor in 6-cylinder version.

- Fixed starting sounds
- Rear mirrors set correctly
- New animations in the cabin

- Price: 103,000 €
- Power: 125 - 165 hp

John Deere has:
Doors, windows with MouseControll
Level configuration
Mirror configuration
Windshield configuration
GPS settings
Front cover
Transmission configuration
Setting the siren
Configuration of the exhaust system
New tires
Improved tires (some configurations did not work)
Steering wheel + button configurations added
Reduced and improved mask model + stickers
Fixed flashing mirrors
Warnings and errors have been removed
ModDesc has been improved
New mirror + normal maps for the entire model

Credits: MaxModding, NRW, TCL98, PROXIMLS

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