John Deere 8R 2016 V1.1.2

Date : 2023-01-17 19:21:59 Report

Price: $299,000
Power: 255-400 hp
Max. speed: 50 kph
Rims color configuration
Main Body color configuration
Warning signs, sticker and fenders configuration

- Minor changes and improvements
- Added new wheels configurations
- Front weight/lift configuration has been added
- Colors has been changed
- Warning triangle configuration has been added

Animated things:
- Main door
- Rear window
- Warning signs
- Steering base (in two planes)
- Passanger seat
- Armrest
- Lights switches
- ILS system

Interactive cotrol ready
Precision Farming ready

- Changes and improvements to the model
- Added new wheels configurations
- Changed rims
- Added a lot of animated things
- ILS suspension added
- Warning signs, sticker and fenders configuration
- Color configarations added (Main body and rims)
- Added Precision Farming support
- GPS configuratoion added (Requires 'FS22_guidanceSteering')
- Added 'interactive control' support (Requires 'FS22_interactiveControl')
- 'Mouse control' or 'Interactive control' can be configured (for consoles)
- Polish translation added

Credits: JMZ

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