John Deere 8R With Simpleic V1.0

Date : 2022-07-24 15:09:00 Report

Aloha my dears!
Some have been waiting eagerly for it.
I have the honor to share the John Deere 8R with you today!
I’ll try to list everything we did with Johnny and I hope I don’t forget anything…

what was done
– KUBOTA DLC READY – passenger seat installed. KUBOTA DLC necessary to be able to take passengers with you!
– Simple IC installed for passenger seat, left door and rear window!
– Removal of the attacher configuration and 3-point attachment permanently installed. This means that CTRL + V (raise/lower all devices) is possible again
– Terra tires for Trelleborg, Michelin and Vredestein
– RUL configuration with standard or 2 different LED RULs optionally with or without front flasher
– Yes / No warning sign configuration
– Our AM mascots (Squiggy / Pikachu) as configuration yes or no. We won’t force you to use them if you don’t want to
– Window tinting on user request! Standard – Dark – Very Dark (it actually looks a lot darker in the shop than it is in-game afterwards. I personally recommend either Standard or Dark. Dark actually looks very nice
– Engine versions Standard +1 .. Means + a chipped engine with slightly increased HP (377kW / 512 HP) and around 180 Nm more torque with 60km/h Vmax. Sticker for speed on the rear window changes depending on the engine with.
– Precision Farming Ready (inherited from Standard 8R)
– Color choice for main color, grille on top as well as rims
– Increased durability to AM standard.

Credits: Anteri0r

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