John Deere Xuv865E And Cargo Cart V1.0

Date : 2022-05-20 19:47:22 Report

John Deere XUV685E Gator, used to speed up locomotion within your farm, assists you in soil sampling, can also transport grain and cargo. It also comes with a small cart that can be used for various transports.

- Price XUV865E: €15399
- Power: 46 hp
- Maximum speed: 76 km/h
- Three tire options with 7 different rims
- Normal and elevated suspension option
- Body options: For grains, closed (capacity 0), without the rear cover, only the rear cover and without any side or cover.
- Camouflage options
- Optional bumper
- Side protection options
- Open or closed awning
- Optional front hook as well as rear hook and hydraulic hook
- Main color options, seats and rims

Cargo Cart
It can be used to transport various things, has a board to load small vehicles
- Price: €1500
- Board activated by mouse or console commands
- loading board width adjustment
- Straps to secure loads
- Optional 7 different hoops
- Optional colors of the trailer and rims

Credits: Agro Tonho

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