Kenworth T900 Legend Truck V2.0

Date : 2022-04-08 12:41:34 Report

Version 2.0:
Changed sounds due to multiplayer servers getting odd sounds happening on dedi servers.
added 4 skin options for all cabin variants.
Added more real lights to the T900 with spot lights working on bullbar options and orange glow on ground around tank lights.
Animated the rest of the interior. Clutch pedal, key turn, brake knobs, most of the gauges.
fifth wheel now adjustable with M and K keys.
New bullbar added in bumper configs.
Skinning Template in mod. Unzip the file and you will find the templates for and a readme file.
Adjusted brake force on dogg trailer to stop it from moving when detached.
Added in serval capacity sizes for both the tipper bin and dog trailer bin.
Made all sizes take the exact same time to unload. it takes 45 secs from the time you tip till the bin sits back down even on one million liters.
All capacities have weight loaded and no weight unloaded and acts as realistic capacity on all variations. So trailer feels real even with higher unrealistic capacities.

4 Mods in 1!
Working interiors with rpm, speed, and fuel needles, lights, steering wheel, and gear shifter.
Working front axle and driveshafts.
May options for customization.
Plan on adding more cab variants in the future.
Has foldable road Signs on the bumper using default X key.
Windows roll down using default N/J and Shift N/ Shift J.
Tipper Bin Located in Misc Trailers category.
Truck bin, Dog Trailer and trailer bin added in mod located in MISC/Trailers category.

Credits: Carver02

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