Kirovets K-700 V1.0.0.2

Date : 2023-04-14 19:41:12 Report

Kirovets K-700 Tractor
- Price: 63000 $
- Power: 220 hp
- Max Speed: 33,8 kph

- Corrected all tractor lights! Fixed BAG with rear work light!
- Corrected all sounds of tractor + added new sounds of transmission, hydraulics!
- Fixed BAG with the wire to the fan in the cabin!
- Reworked PTO animation!
- Totally new tractor specs!
- Added tractor colour configuration sets + handpainted!
- Added tractor design configurations!
- Added tractor extensions (safety frame + fenders, mudguards)!
- Added new customVehicleShader!
- Added tractor driver seating animation!
- More realistic inner camera!
- Added tyres brand "BELSHINA" Wide (k700a; k701)!
- Factory (standard) tyres brand "VOLTYRE" updated!
- Language support: cz; da; de; en; es; fi; fr; hu; it; nl; no; pl; pt; ro; ru; sv; tr!

- Base Color Configurations
- Design Color Configurations
- Rim Color Configurations
- Wheel Configurations
- Manual Shifting Option
- More realistic animations
- More realistic sounds

- Fixed transmission in automatic gearshift mode!
- Fixed tractor decals, textures!
- New tractor animations added!
- Finalized tractor sounds!

Credits: Timerzyanov102, МАС, eFarmer(Erlan10)

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