Krumbach Map V1.0

Date : 2023-11-22 20:44:37 Report

This mountainous valley is near the fictional town of Krumbach. The stream of the same name flows through the valley.
In addition to old yards for small equipment, a modern biogas plant with an associated cowshed is also operated.
As a result, there are very small fields but also large fields in the range of 0.5 - 12 ha. A total of approx. 210 ha of land can be cultivated. There are also several forests available.

Krumbach contains several farms of different sizes.

In the middle of the map is a small courtyard and offers the following:
-Shelters, barns and a workshop
-Grain silo
-Sheep pasture
-Cow pasture

Large cow farm in the south:
-Shelters, halls and a workshop
-Grainsilo and three wedgesilos
-Cowshed (Note: The manure heap only works in New Farmer mode. In all other modes, the manure heap must be repositioned.)
-Biogas plant with 500kW
-Bale storage

Small village farm:
-Shelters and barns
-Grain silo
-Chicken coop

Independently of the farms, there is a pigsty and a horse pasture.
Have fun exploring the area!
Special thanks to Jogi for the support.

Credits: Redkeinstus

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