Kubanowice Podlaskie Map V1.0

Date : 2022-03-16 13:32:59 Report

Hello from this page Kubano Games
Welcome to Podlasie! This is my first map, but I hope it won’t come off.

The map offers:
– 5 Playable farms
– 3 villages and one town
– Polish climate
– 155 fields + meadows
– All the necessary purchases
– Opening gates and doors
– Traffic
– Pedestrian traffic (only in the town so far)
– Liming station
– Petrol station
– Forests
– Ditches and lakes from which you can draw water
– Custom collectibles (bottles of moonshine)
– Easter eggs in the form of Polish memes

This is the first version of the map, there are planned updates with a cleaner logo and correction of any errors that will appear in the washing.

Credits: Kubano Games

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