Kubota Sd 1000 V1.0

August 13, 2022 9:51 am 151 Downloads

The Kubota SD1000 is the ideal machine for small and medium farms. The SD1000 combines compact and lightweight design. A working width of 3.0 m is available. The power requirement is as little as 55 kW due to the SD1000's close center of gravity.

The wheels of the SD1000 series, whether equipped with standard or floating tires, move inside the track, ensuring constant ground contact.

The hopper of the SD1000 models has a low filling height. It offers a capacity of 750 liters. It can be increased to 1000 and 1250 liters. Additional configurations are available.

* Price: 7.000€ - 10.000€
* Working width: 3.0m
* Capacity: 750l/1000l/1250l

* Configuration of extensions that increase the capacity of the tank
* Color configuration
* Wheel configuration
* Wheel color configuration
* Mechanism cover configuration


Credits: Suziexy

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