La Campagne Deux-Sevriennes Mp V2.0

Date : 2023-02-07 10:42:12 Report

Hello everyone!
For the campaign deux sévienne v2 in multi version, you will have to buy the green farm and plot 4 with the first farm created and farm n°2 with a new farm!
Place the manure to make it work!
For the second farm you will have to take the second farm created and buy plot 5 and place the manure and everything will work fine!
If you had any problems let us know ASAP! We will fix them as soon as possible, we wish you good games on it and I hope you like it!

New Mandatory Backup For Map.

Here's what's changed for V2:
-Addition of basic vehicles on the map.
- Addition of new animals (calves, goats, bulls, lambs...).
-addition of translations of titles and description of the map in French, English, German
-Now you start with 1 body of farms as well as fields.
-Small modified dairy farm.
-Error selling grain (silage) correct.
-Farmhouse changed in the small dairy farm.
- Collision of the barriers in the pasture of the cows.
- Barrier of open pastures.
-Fixed manure spawn.
-Fixed error(bugs)
-Navmesh fixed
- Price of plots lowered.
- Pda updated (redone)

Credits: Earl ModdingJerem modding

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