Limeira Farm Map V1.0

Date : 2024-04-03 18:56:52 Report

Limeira Farm is a Brazilian map with relief and real PDA of the region of the municipality of Limeira, State of São Paulo.
-The map has medium and small fields, all with missions, as well as fields for forestry.
-Added 3 new crops: Rice, Carioca Beans and Alfalfa.
-Starting as a new farmer, you start with a few animals and vehicles.
-The machine workshop is located at the city's gas station.
-City with a market that accepts various products.
-Fuel location is attached to the vehicle workshop.
-Grains in general can be sold in the 2 warehouses on the map.
-The Covered Market accepts various products, such as potatoes, beets, milk and pallets and supports DLCs.
-If you need limestone, take a trailer to the limestone seller, and you can also sell stones there.
-Bales in general can be sold at the Seleiro.
-To sell milk, go to the Covered Market, or add a Dairy to produce milk products.
-You start with 1 main headquarters, containing sheds to store your machinery, as well as a house to sleep in, 1 silo to store grain, a chicken pasture and a fuel tank.
-All land on the map can be purchased, objects present in the headquarters can be sold for customization.
-The map also has a sugar cane factory, where you sell sugar cane, and buy vinasse and felt cake.
-There is no snow on the map, the winter in this region is just cold and dry.

Credits: Andrade M.L Modding / Wesley Franco / Renegados Modding

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