Linde Forklifter Pack V1.0

Date : 2022-03-10 14:49:43 Report

This mod package contains three Linde forklifts, two 6.4 ton forklifts, optionally with electric or diesel motors, and a 4.9 to Electro forklift. They are available in the Linde designs red, yellow, and blue. There is also a Hischfeld Edition and an HoT edition. It is a forklift that is used on many farms for handling grain or for potato logistics.
The duplex mast makes it possible to effortlessly lift a 2.5-ton load to a height of 4 or 3 meters.
The two forks, the standard version for €500 and the long version for €650, are width-adjustable. A high tip bucket with 2500 liters.
Capacity for the 6.4-ton forklift, Price €2,400 is also included. These attachments can also be color-configured.

Linde H40E: €38,000
Linde H40D: €35,800
Linde H30E: €32,500

Credits: Bigfarmer145 for sharing his LS17 mod Mario Hirschfeld and HoT-San for the presentation on YouTube Marco from the HoT team for testing

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