Lindner Unitrac 122 L Pack V1.0.1.1

Date : 2022-06-17 16:22:22 Report

Small changes to the original, SimpleIC and minor fixes update and fixes
Extended platform config, now there is a platform with bulk material without tension belts and a pallet platform with tension belts without FillVolume
ConnectHose electrics fixed

Unitrac 122L:
Color choice expanded with more colors
Provide roof with color choice
Provide rims with color choice
Indoor cabin sound changed, in my opinion I could hardly hear the rattling.
Fixed IndoorCam, now goes with the seat.

Unitrac platform:
Color choice expanded with more colors
Provide side walls with color choice
Side walls controllable with SIC

Swiss Elite 31 Structure:
Spread working width, too much was left on tight curves.

Credits: Mach1--Andy

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