Lizard Crf 450R V1.0

Date : 2024-01-09 20:08:15 Report

The CRF 450R and CRF 450RX are the first off-road motorcycles offered to the public that feature a hydraulically operated clutch.
Its design is the same as that of MXGP competition bikes and the clutch lever is 10% lighter.
The driver also does not need to worry about adjusting the clutch cable, especially in longer events.
Light and compact engine, thanks to the single-lever cylinder head, electronic injection and programmable central ECU for different riding styles.
The dual exhaust system distributes mass concentration to improve the center of gravity and provide more power.
In order for the chassis to be perfect, the CRF 450R's frame is around 650g lighter than the previous generation and has thicker side members.
The chassis has also become more responsive by adjusting lateral stiffness, so the bike enters and exits corners faster!

- Price: $17,500
- Manual Transmission 5 Speeds

- Main Color
- Wheel Color
- Color of Cubes
- Secondary Color
- Gauntlet Color
- Suspension Color
- Exhaust
- Hand Protector
- Handlebar foam

Credits: Farm Centro Sul

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