Lizard Vehicle Shelters V1.1

November 15, 2023 7:50 pm 26 Downloads

Metal shelters for your vehicels.

- Added icicles hanging from roof, visible during winter.
- Attribute „boughtWithFarmland“ set to “true„ for all placeables so mapers can now set them as preplaced buildings purchasable with farmland and so for any farm in multiplayer.
- Adjusted clear and level areas.

Spacious, easy to navigate in and they are drive through.
Entrances are high and wide enough for almost any vehicle and tool.
Lights inside of the sheds are controlled manually, anywhere inside of the building. Lamps outside, above the gates are switched on automatically during night.
Outside shed walls are color selectable. 25 colors (+1 building specific default color) to choose from.
Available in 3 variants:

Vehicle shelter - enclosed:
Fully covered from all sides, has gates.
Price: 188,000 $
Daily upkeep: 50 $

Vehicle shelter - open, big:
Open, partially covered shed with 1 side gate.
Price: 138,000 $
Daily upkeep: 40 $

Vehicle shelter - open, small:
Price: 96,500 $
Daily upkeep: 30 $


Credits: MrHector

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