Man Tgs 18.500 Kipper Modified V2.0

Date : 2022-06-01 22:00:28 Report

Modified version of the popular Modhub Truck. New color configuration, total update of tire physics.

new color config, old modhub color config removed.
Fixed physics issues with REA mods. Fixed tire sinking issues.
new tarp

before the screaming is big: Yes, I modified the version from Modhub and also named the original author in the mod.
The original mod just wasn't usable with REA and after all REA is essential for realistic gameplay. The physics of the tires have been changed to make sense.
I totally overhauled the color configuration. I removed the old fake tarpaulin and inserted a real tarpaulin. including color.

Credits: SaltyBart - NLD Community , Alexgerman

Download File (9.5 MB)