Massey Ferguson 8S V1.0

Date : 2021-12-16 17:29:06 Report

Price: 202.000€
Power: 225hp

Tire configuration
Warning Signs
Main Body Color
Rim color

Engine configuration:
-MF 8S.205 (225 hp)
-MF 8S.225 (245 hp)
-MF 8S.245 (265 hp)
-MF 8S.265 (285 hp)
-MF 8S.285 (305 hp)
-MF 8S.305 (325 hp)

-The door can be opened/closed by pressing both mouse buttons left/right
-The rear window can be opened/closed with the push of the two mouse buttons backwards/forwards
-The roof window can be opened/closed with the mouse wheel
-The steeringbase folds down/up when you enter/leave the tractor
-With X you can fold/unfold your warning Signs

Credits: Schnibbl Modding

Download File (13.4 MB)