Mini Agriculture Equipment Pack V1.0.0.6

Date : 2022-05-27 09:16:27 Report

– Attacher fix on the Schäffer front loader, pallet fork was coupled incorrectly

– Fixed various problems caused by game patch 1.4.1
– Desc version increased, now requires the latest LS version from patch 1.4.0
– Improved XB100 front loader mount, tools can now be folded in more and the mount only goes to the ground
– Improved Schäffer Mini front loader, shovel could not be lowered to the ground in the horizontal state
– Added John Deere Gator, BKT Sierra Max Wheel Config (standard tires)
– Linked Salek small devices to the Mini Agriculture Equipment Pack
– Removed triangle on Salek trailer

– Adjusted center of gravity on the Gator, Turbo variant of the Gator oversteered too much
– Landini Series REX4, center of gravity changed and wheel weights installed as config, provides more stability with front loader
– Trailer for grapes added to the pack and extended by 2 fill types that are used on the Hof Bergmann Map.
– Fixed particle from small front loader shovel, was no longer displayed after a patch.
– Fendt Vario 200 added to the pack (so far no changes compared to the original)
– Added Hardi Mini syringe to the pack (so far no changes compared to the original)

– Hauer XB100 front loader attachment now compatible with the standard front loader tools
– Added smaller pallet fork to match XB100 mount.
– New Holland TK4.80 caterpillar, name adjusted. Originally required methane, but this one runs on diesel.

Credits: Farmer_Andy

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