Mini Storage For Wheel Barrow V0.1.0.3

Date : 2023-12-17 13:41:56 Report

A small silo whose purpose is to store small quantities and then transport them to the animal sheds with a wheelbarrow. Small animal sheds usually only need small amounts of feed. Putting up a huge multi-fruit silo for this would not only be a waste of space and money, but also usually doesn't work. Either these silos work in a strange way with the sheds or there simply isn't enough space. This mini silo is designed precisely for these purposes. It cannot be extended and therefore has no interaction with other buildings in the vicinity. It can be filled with a normal tipper and removed via the output pipe using a wheelbarrow, bucket or low, small trailer. Anything that fits into a bucket can be stored. It is not multi-fruit and therefore only one fill type goes in. Thanks to a script extension, the contents are nevertheless output without an additional pop-up menu when the vehicle's load button is used.

Technical data
- Required area: 5x5m
- Price: 6000$
- Capacity: 8m²
- Maintenance costs: 20$

Credits: Achimobil

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