Mw Fendt Weight Pack V1.0

Date : 2022-08-03 11:05:05 Report

This weight is the 3300kg Fendt weight with special features.
Since there is only one Fendt weight with 3300kg, but there are Fendt tractors in different categories, I had an idea.
A Fendt weight which you can change the weight, the mass.
Thanks to the great help of Hoffi this pack was created.

You can configure these. Be available:

The weight features a color choice. It stands on a pallet when not coupled to a tractor.
You can move the weight with a telehandler or wheel loader if it gets in the way and there is no tractor around.
As you can see on the picture.
A big thank you to the team for the support and to all the testers.

Credits: Micha3615

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