New Holland T6000 High Bonnet Series V1.0

Date : 2024-01-18 09:40:18 Report

New Holland T6000 High Bonnet Series tractor mod for Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) sounds like a valuable contribution to the game, especially for players who are fans of New Holland tractors or those looking for a reliable and versatile tractor with specific configurations.

Configurations Available: The fact that the mod includes a few configurations means players can customize the tractor to better suit their individual needs and preferences within the game. This kind of customization is always appreciated in the FS22 community.

Collaborative Effort: It's great to hear that this mod was a collaborative effort between you and your mate jj150. Collaboration often leads to more creative and well-rounded mods due to the combination of different skills and ideas.

Final Version Release: Since this is your and jj150's old version and you don't plan to update it further, releasing it to the public allows the wider FS22 community to benefit from your work.

No Required Mods for Basic Functionality: Although additional mods might be required to unlock all features (like interactive controls), the tractor can be used effectively without them. This makes the mod more accessible to players who might not have or want to use additional mods.

Passenger Script Included: The inclusion of a passenger script is a fun feature, allowing for a second player or NPC to ride along. This adds an extra layer of realism and can enhance the multiplayer experience.

Credits: ollie753011

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