New Holland T7 Hd Series Edition V1.0

Date : 2023-02-15 21:55:21 Report

NEW HOLLAND T7 HD Series Edition is a tractor for different field services, making it easy to handle, with different configurations.
- Price: 220500 $
- Power: 275, 290, 315 hp
- Category: Medium Tractors
- Tank capacity: 630L
- Transmission: Variable CVT
- Weight: 10.9 t
- Max Speed: 50 kph
- Wheels: standard, wide tires, dual tires, open gauge cane tires.
- Animations: Throttle, Joystick, PowerShuttle, Light Buttons.
- Controllable animations: door, hood and engine.
- Configurations: Fenders, Wheels, Emergency Lights, Glass, Sugarcane Weights and Protections, Wheel Counterweights, Exhaust Fans, Engine.
- Colors: Base, Seat Color, Rim Color.

Credits: Frits

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