Nomanlandnew V1.3

Date : 2023-01-15 10:41:48 Report

Greetings! Here is my first work inspired by the No Man's Land map!
Thanks to the author for this sample! The idea was taken from various sources, based on photographs of mountains and forests!
All standard objects from the standard version remained on the map, the only thing was that I had to change the farmhouse!
On the map there is traffic of cars and pedestrians, a train, two restaurants and a hotel, a gas station, as well as a grape processing plant and a bakery, there is a waterfall and the small town of Goldcrest Valley! Sawmill and train station! Private sector in Canadian style! The starting equipment remains! This is my first experience, special thanks to Farmer Bob channel, this channel made this map possible with all its attractions and objects! If there are any mistakes, please let me know!

Credits: MaksPyshnov87

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