Old Winery V1.1

Date : 2023-05-25 12:57:47 Report

This is a factory that produces wine from red and white grapes (GRAPEB).

- removed the sellingpoint, because I've made the new products to be able to sell in the same place as honey is selled on your map.

As bi-product you get some pig feed.
Also from grapes you can make raisins.
It needs Production Revamp. Barrels (Platinum DLC) and Emptypallets (made with one of my productions or bought in store) will boost your productivity.
Cost: 30,000
Maintenance: 100
Included a sellingpoint.
Will work without platinum DLC. Reccomended to use on a map that has whitegrapes too (Rogatki multifruit edit, Italia map etc.)
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Credits: Jinkou89

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