Osiek Map Final Version V3.3

Date : 2023-11-04 15:38:36 Report

Log clean, without errors
No need for new game, running on current save
-removed indicated collisions for convenience of gameplay
-chicken house and sheep pasture can now be sold
-cowsheds can now be sold
-silos at barns can now be sold
-silos for silage can now be sold
-If you have an old game record, the lights at the barns and chicken coop should be set by yourself at your discretion so that you can sell them
-if you start a new game, the lights at the barns and chicken coop are already set up and you can sell them
-added new sky with stars
- fixed sunrises and sunsets (it is more windy and foggy)
-fixed dark nights (now better to see, it is as intended)
-added lighting of the house on the farm In order for the current version to work on the old record the map version has not been changed, there is only a mark on the image (png) of the map. The FS22_Cellar modification has been modified and please do not update it although it is not necessary (the capacity of the silo has been increased)

The FS22_Hirschfeld_SquareBaleStorage modification included in the map package has also been modified. Other modifications will be downloaded automatically from Mod-HubI,  greet all inhabitants of Osiek.

Credits: Yazu

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