Ossiacher Tal Map V1.0.7.0

Date : 2023-02-26 14:40:05 Report

Welcome to my first map Ossiacher Tal.

Version 1.0.7
Update New save game Required because some things have been rebuilt
Fixed goat barn now shows feed
Fixed issue with horses
Added goat cheese in outlets
Start yard has been changed
Some fences have been removed
Lower village square near the bakery Was rebuilt
BGA has been changed
New forest floor
Start a new savegame so that everything can load properly
I wish you a lot of fun while gambling

Version 1.0.6
Unfortunately, I overlooked a small error in the goat stable
Now everything works without problems
No new savegame needed!
Sorry that it came to such errors with my first map
Hope you still have fun on the map.

Version 1.0.5
Please read the latest update
Unfortunately, something went wrong with yesterday's update
Here is the current and last update of the map
Fixed mod desc
At the request of many players, the gates have been removed, so everyone is free to put the mod Animated Objects in the mod folder
Adjusted feed for the goats and chickens
Fixed animals when buying
For this map it is now the last update.

Version 1.0.4
Attention the big and for the time being last update is here
Important new score
Fixed gate triggers
New productions were installed
The courtyard silo has been converted into a multi silo
AI traffic has been replaced with new vehicles.
Something has also happened in the air.
And brand new there are new icons on the map with which you can trigger surprises. Activates the
I-cons next to the roads, in the forest, by the new farm silos in the upper courtyard.
Have fun discovering
and have fun on the map

The map was created freely from my home country Austria (Carinthia).
The terrain and path structure corresponds approximately to the nature of my home country.
On the map you will find 41 fields, 4 meadows and 4 forest areas, which are divided into large and small
split sections.
There are 2 farms installed on the map.
There are also new animal species on the map (bulls, chicks, calves and ducks).
You will also find new fruits on the map.
Spelled, poppy seeds, onions, rye, white cabbage, red cabbage and carrots.
There is also a slaughterhouse on the map, next to the butcher are also 2 more
productions installed.
Waste recycling from the butcher is also included.
Various productions with sales points were installed.

Credits: LS-Schleswig Holstein Wingi,Susi FBM Matrin FM Modding Farmer Marco ALM Olli Swissfarmer Landbauer FM Lambo MH-Modding SoSi Modding

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