Ozenirler Aspirator V1.0

Date : 2024-01-25 19:23:16 Report

The "Ozenirler Aspirator V1.0" mod for Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) seems to introduce a specialized piece of equipment, presumably an aspirator, which is designed to replace basic conveyors in the game. This mod likely offers enhanced functionality or efficiency compared to the standard conveyors available in FS22.

Characteristics of the Ozenirler Aspirator Mod:

Purpose: The mod is described as perfect for replacing basic conveyors, indicating that it might offer improved handling, speed, or other advantages over the standard conveyor systems in the game.

Price: The cost of this equipment in the game is set at 25,500 €. This is a one-time purchase price for players to acquire and use this equipment on their virtual farms.

Mods like the Ozenirler Aspirator can add more depth and variety to the gameplay experience in FS22, allowing players to upgrade their farming operations with different types of equipment. As with any mod, it is important to download it from a trusted source to ensure compatibility with your game version and to avoid any potential issues. Additionally, backing up game files before installing new mods is always a good practice.

Credits: rigby

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