Pallet Storage And Logistics V1.0.0.1

Date : 2022-05-20 18:16:46 Report

The Pallet Storage and Logistics Warehouse enables you to store and distribute standard product pallets between your production buildings by using the standard production function.

- update Mod/Store icon
- updated description

Tired of a full greenhouse pallet spawn? Want to output all main products in one place?
Activate the option distribute in your production line and the pallets will be stored in the warehouse or distributed to other productions if needed.

Options for the warehouse products:
- distribute, to distribute the pallets into your production buildings.
- store, to unload the pallets on the trigger for further manual transportation or selling.
- sell, to auto direct sell the pallets on every full hour.

Be cautious on changing the options for products to the full hour, or you might sell by mistake.

Price: 50.000 $
Dayly upkeep: 60 $/day
Capacity: 100 pallets each
Eggs, Wool, Flour, Bread, Cake, Butter, Cheese, Fabric, Clothes, Sugar, Honey, Cereal, Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil, Olive Oil, Raisins, Grapejuice, Lettuce, Tomato, Strawberry, Chocolate, Boards, Furniture

Known bugs:
On pallet storing there is a rounding error in the game sometimes which loses one liter (1L) of the product.
In that case one pallet can no longer be unloaded but the remaining product can still be distributed or sold directly.

Credits: johnwayne1930

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