Papenburger Map V1.0.0.6

Date : 2022-04-29 13:42:17 Report

-Precision Farming
-replaced all broken buildings
-2nd veihhandel trigger installed at the old location
-All bridges over the canals widened or set to the same level
-field borders of field 96 adjusted
-Radio radio masts are original again
-Bakery trigger replaced with latest version.
-Reinstalled sidewalks on Birkenallee.
-More decoration on Birkenallee and Bethlehem
-Machine shop moved (somewhat more central)
-Deco plants paintable again
-Machining angle increased to every 10 degrees
-So that all changes are visible, a new score is recommended.

Here I present you my Papenburg map. It's not quite final yet. But when is a map ever?

-4 times map
-96 fields of 1-87 hectares of fields, grassland and forests
-119 plots hectares price 25000€
-over 200000 trees
-Extensive field and path system
-Many open spaces for courtyards and productions
-Basic supply at main points of sale. Including grain mill, granary, baker, cheese factory, dairy and sawmill
-not final yet!!!! path system splines for the car travel possible.But not yet perfected

I haven't provided any launch vehicles yet.
There will be regular updates over the next few weeks and months. So be patient.

Credits: Jimkerk

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