Perakula Map V1.0

Date : 2022-07-13 11:32:57 Report

Welcome To Peraküla. 
It's located in Europe in the country Estonia.
The Landscape is mostly flat but the area has a lot of forest's and 2 fields.
There is Grass fields to do a lot of mowing on or transform them into a field.
The Main Farm on the map was built in 1906 and now over the many years the village has been developed
to be a beautiful place in Estonia.

Map includes

- 2 fields
- custom trees (cuttable birch by PixelFarm's)
- custom models
- 2 sellpoints on the map
- 2 placeable sellpoints
- 1 placeable gasStation
- Medium sized farm
- Big cow Pasture
- custom textures        

I Hope you Enjoy the map!

Credits: Carl-TG Cuttable Birch made by PixelFarm's

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