Ponsse Harvester Pack V1.0.1.2

Date : 2023-08-15 13:31:46 Report

Adjustments to the harvester head
Automatic tree detection installed
Minor adjustments

2. interior camera fixed. Note: For use please set to "change driving direction", otherwise the seat will be in the way.

Special attacher installed for traction winch.
Harvesterhead adjustments

Cobra and Ergo 6 wheel: Thin to medium thick tree trunks
Ergo 8 wheel and Ergo 8 wheel Active Frame: Thin to very thick tree trunks

Interior again in the Dark Design
Reworked light sources
Transport mode reworked: crane can be moved for loading
Tilting system in transport mode Disabled.
Additional indoor camera with crane tracking
Weight distribution adjustments.
Animated door
Steering wheel rotates when steering
Cutting lengths extended to 25 meters
Harvesterhead Rotate and Grab
other small things...

The following shop options are available for both:
- Various tires, chains and belts
- Hood protection
- Exhaust protection
- Frame protection
- Windshield protection
- Window tinting
- Additional lighting for the crane
- Hydraulic block protection
- Chains and Ribbons Color
- Vehicle Color
- Harvester Head Color
- Rim Color

Cobra from: 445.000 $
Ergo 6 Rad from: 420.000 $
Ergo 8 Rad from: 455.000 $
Ergo 8 Rad AF from: 485.000 $

Credits: HR Forst und Fahrzeugbau

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