Quicke Bale Tools V1.0

Date : 2022-06-15 13:09:36 Report

Quicke bale tools designed in Sweden provide efficiency in handling both square and round bales.

Square bale fork – SAFETY
Designed for handling large square bales
Price: 950 $
Category: Frontloader tools
Foldable tines, big bag lifter configuration and tine amount configuration
Tine color configuration

Bale Spike MK2
Designed for handling round one round bale or square bales
Price: 650 $
Category: Frontloader tools

Unigrip 160
Designed for handling round bales with diameter up to 160 cm.
Price: 1700 $
Category: Frontloader tools

Designed for handling both round and square bales. With bale spike configuration it can handle two round bales at a time!
Price: 1600 $
Category: Frontloader tools
127 mm and 89 mm rollers configurations, bale spike configuration, roller color configuration

Credits: Farmari99

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