Renault 54 Tz Series V1.0.0.2

Date : 2023-07-20 21:16:14 Report

Renault 54 TZ Series released. The model is rebuilt in about 80% and has a lot of animations.

- Frontloader attachment added (MP-Lift only at the moment)
- Front axle bux fixed (at least I can't call it anymore)
- Torque increased
- Various small fixes

– Power: 100 – 145 [HP] – Transmission: mechanical 16×16 or mechanical with powershift 24×8 Tractonic
– Versions: TZ, TZ Tractonic, Nectra
– Optional: EHR TCE, Tractoradar, ACET
– Interactive Control from MH (doors, side windows, back window, sun blind, hand rests, implement lifting – also from outside, ignition, indicators)
– Animated cabin suspension (TZ)
– Real sounds
– A lot of configurations

The mod is not perfect. I used to learn modeling, texturing, etc. on it, so it does not meet the MH requirements – that’s why I’m releasing it here. I didn’t test it so carefully when it comes to details, but it has no log errors.

Credits: BartekKosmos

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