Ropa Tiger Pack Premium Dlc V1.0

November 18, 2023 7:11 pm 37 Downloads

This pack contains the Ropa Tiger 6S, the associated cutting unit and cutting unit trolley.
The Ropa Tiger 6S and the cutting unit can pick up potatoes, sugar beets and the fruits from the Premium DLS.

A separate cutting unit must be purchased for each fruit.
A choice of colors is installed.
Capacity selectable for the Ropa Tiger 6S.
To distinguish between the individual cutting units, each cutting unit has the appropriate fruit symbol attached to it.

A notice:
The pack works flawlessly with the premium DLC. Without the Premium DLC there are three "Warnings" these relate to the new fruits that came with the DLC but are not present in the base game.
Technical specifications:

Ropa Tiger 6S
- Price: €499,000
- Weight: 33.5 t
- Power: 565 KW / 768 HP
- Volume 43 m³ / 86 m³
- Speed: 40 km/h
- Working speed: 10 km/h

Ropa rrXL9x45 cutting units
- Price: €79,000
- Weight: 2.5 t
- Working width: 4 m
- Working speed: 10 km/h

Ropa rrXL9x45 header trolley
- Price: €9,000
- Weight: 2.7 t


Credits: Modelle: GiantsIdee: Mod Micha

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