Ruppiner Heide V1.0

Date : 2022-06-20 11:30:56 Report

This is a conversion from the map Grizzly Mountain!
Ruppiner Heide is a forest in Germany.
There is a big mountain on the map where driving has to be skillful as the roads can get narrow there.
The whole map is a farmland that belongs to you directly and 4 start vehicles.
There is a pallet production at the sawmill, as well as a sales station for the pallets.
A farmhouse, a workshop and a new hall.
Three more vehicles will follow for the Jansen company.
The PDA map does not look particularly nice (if you would like to help us further, let us know
There is also a trigger for the workshop on the map, this will also be changed.
Please report any errors.
Have fun on Ruppiner Heide!

Credits: Hype Modding

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