Scania R Itr Pack V1.0.0.1

Date : 2022-03-11 16:33:38 Report

Scania R HKL Hüffermann HKL trailer bale container HT 50 trough container Fortis 2000 grain container liquid manure container 7m wooden container tank container

dashboard revised;
Built-in digital displays for speed, RPM, clock, transmission and engine temperature.
Display revised.
Added additional camera to look back.
Tank Container has also been revised again.
Sounds inserted and the speed increases when unloading

Today I present you my Scania R ITR.
Thanks to Ifko[nator], who converted the script for the LS22 for me yesterday, it wouldn't have been possible like that!
Thanks again for that!
Now we come to the pack.
You can find the Scania R HKL under trucks
There you have the possibility:
Customize company logo.
Bull catcher config with 3 different designs.
stone chip protection.
Interior decor (buggy) slightly bugged, but works. It will be taken care of in due course.
fender config
Color rims, base and grill
underbody bracket
exhaust config
Motor with 2 different gear types
Detailed interior lighting
Controllable chassis, rear separately and once completely (controllable via the right mouse button)
Although the sound is out of the game, the sounds have been reassembled for this truck
Hüffermann turntable trailer:
This trailer is used to load containers.
It is best to use the steerable chassis for this purpose.
I always pump up the back before I want to set down a container.
The trailer has 2 color configs, otherwise it is quite unspectacular.
I added the standard ITRunner container from the ITRunner pack.
These can be found in the respective categories.
However, I replaced the wooden stanchion container and added a multi tank that can be found under Animal Husbandry.

The truck got a script from Ifko[nator] that allows it to change the hook position.
With the V button, the hook changes to the loading position for the trailer and for the ground.
Couple the container > pull it up > press V to unload the trailer > drive backwards onto the trailer, pump up the undercarriage and overload.
If you couple the trailer, you can also couple and fix the container. This allows you to access the container and load it from the silo as normal.
If you now want to loosen everything again, you have to make sure that you first uncouple the container from the trailer, then you have to press X to move the container's fuse. Only then can you uncouple the trailer.
Ifko[nator] has added a nice function, now you can use the B key to determine the container length. Means if you use the Fliegl Hakenlift Pack, for example
Fliegl Hakenlift Pack da-hoffi Dec 20th 2021 File
then you can also use the containers with it.
However, the mod was built for the large containers.
If you have a short one, you should not change the length at the moment, otherwise the container will get stuck.
I'll revise this when I get a chance so that the short containers are cleanly usable.
The Hüffermann trailer is also only designed for large containers.
As I said, I'll see what I can do with it when the time comes.
However, I will now also gamble for the time being, always improving small things.
My log is clean, I strongly assume that it is the same for others, but if errors occur, please PM me here too.

Credits: Ifko[nator]Ap0lLo

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