Somewhere In Thuringia Iii V2.0.0.1

Date : 2023-04-03 21:45:24 Report

Somewhere in Thuringia III - Welcome to Ilm Valley 4x.

Changelog v2.0.0.1
- Hotfix missing Goeweil bales

Original replica of the Thuringian area in the Ilm valley around the small village Dienstedt.
Real elevation model, available Google Maps data and buildings, streets etc. modeled from scratch according to the area.

You can expect:
- 4x Map
- 4 farms + 1 ground with chicken fattening
- 2 farms of it with prepared BGP
- 238 purchasable areas
- 152 fields (0,7-32ha acreage)
- Purchase points for manure, slurry, seed, fertilizer and lime
- 6 Production (quarry, mineral fertilizer/seed, sawmill, carpentry, flour mill, bakery)
- 7 Sales outlets (all production sites + restaurant)
- Complete real signage for orientation
- Growth plan adapted to the area (no olives, cotton and sugar cane)
- Weather data of the region (averaged, German Weather Service)
- Adapted soil type map for Precision Farming DLC
- Full Maize Plus compatibility
- Modified light model installed in the map (FS22_Relight)

Start is on a beautiful farm of medium size, in the heart of Dienstedt.
For full use of the farm, the appropriate farm land must be purchased.
(In MP, this farm MUST always be farm 1.)

All other farms can be used after acquiring the respective farm land.
(In MP here the order after farm 1 does not matter.)

All buildings from the starting farm, the Contracting company farm and the horse farm can be sold completely (including decoration) to build a completely own farm.
The small, on the slope, pig farm, can not be completely demolished.

Important note!

- Observe the necessary mods
- When starting a MP game with a new savegame, it can happen after the purchase of the individual farms that the silos can not be unloaded (authorization is missing).
To fix this, the server must be restarted once. After that, this problem should no longer occur.
- Manure plate at GEA Stall Land 153 must be placed by the user. Not recognized by the basegame if already placed before, because there is no fixed FarmId.
- Bale missions in MP that go to one of the BGAs require a front loader and Contracting company rights of the corresponding farm, if it should not be owned.
- Due to a basegame limitation, the additional available meadows (Beyleron and Elmcreek meadows) cannot be rolled.
Likewise, the Alpine meadow is only marked as grass in the overview and seeder, but can be rolled.

Changelog v2.0.0.0

- complete reworked map.i3d
- harvest missions fixed. yield should now be more then enough
- mowing meadow no windrow, fixed
- invisible edge selling station woodchips, fixed
- stone/weed display doubled, fixed
- misplaced fence animal dealer, removed
- missing indoor areas several locations, added
- last 2 collectibles not collectable, fixed
- farmland 153, small shelters not sellable, fixed
- seed/fertilizer production loading station trigger, adjusted

- replaced double wedge silo farmland 153 (LU Dienstedt)
with 2 single wedge silos to fit the new BunkerSetU.
- seed/fertilizer production, separated storages for seed and fertilizer
to prevent stuck of production if storage is fully filled with input products.
- slightly adjusted position of drive-trough silo and manure heap farm 1
- hot air ballons, less visible, different times
- car dealer sign switched to german name for better region fitting
- AI-vehicles sign plates changed to regional signs
- car dealer spawn places modified, prevents loaned mission vehicles not spawned if main place is blocked
- paintable ground textures, raised 8 --> 38
- ground angles, raised 8 --> 32
- heightypes limit, raised 64 --> 256
- paintable deco objects (bushes, meadow...), raised 4 --> 10
- meadow now also seedable, instead of only ordinary grass (slightly higher outcome then grass)
- side fence at chicken fattening sellable for extending the area
- fence behind gas station and side fence sawmill sellable (extending sawmill area)
- lime texture attenuated

- 3 different meadow types now available
- car maintainance available at farm 1
- several locations are now buyable farmlands
- 3 separate cow pastures (do not produce milk, manure and liquid manure)
- spanish translation (made by caterpillardock)

For all those who already play the map and want to update, a new savegame is strictly mandatory!
It's not possible to convert the old savegame to Mapversion This will lead to unexpected errors and
weird behaviors when playing. Due to mayor changes in the i3d file, the new savegame isn't avoidable!

Credits: Kastor [d-s-agrarservice]

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