Steinbergerwald 4Fach Map V1.1

Date : 2022-07-08 11:03:47 Report

The Steinbergerwald was rebuilt in some corners, take a look for yourself.
Welcome to the Steinbergerwald
A NEW savegame is required for the 1.1 beta.
Support is only available in our Discord, and not in the comments here.
Needs to create 8 farms (MP)
Farm 1 must be bought with the first farm created,
Farm 2 must be bought with the second farm created, etc.
If this is not done, the FarmIDs will not be correct as intended!
A lot has changed on the map, and some of the things we were told have been implemented.
If there are errors that could occur, then write to us in the discord, not here, support only in the discord,

The following productions have been installed:
bakery production
Shock production
sugar production
weaving production
and much more.
The map is a beta version and is always being developed further, if you find any errors or have other things then write to us.

Credits: FSvenZoddelZocktCJ SystemeNiedersachse85

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