Svc Gorbany Map V1.0.1.1

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SVK Gorbani is a large 8x zoom map of Ukraine made on real terrain.

- fix flying objects on the map.
- Significant optimization, reducing the distance of drawing objects, including large forests.
- fix contracts for harvesting, now 100% of the contract is fulfilled.
- Added collectibles.
- fixing a bug on the grain dryer
- fixed mustard and corn loading issue in house bunker.
- Fixed an issue where it was impossible to pour mustard on the ground.
- Adjusted production, capacity, production cost and production time (seed plant, grain refinery, bakery, oil plant)
- fixed firewood production (pallets did not appear)
- fixed fuel unloading trigger
- increased feed loading trigger for biogas feed robot
New save not required

Most of the buildings are located in a real place, but objects and productions have been added to diversify the gameplay. At the moment, the map is being developed and is at the final stage. 95% done.
I was prompted to create this map by the fact that I did not find a suitable map for myself, this map is made from real pictures, it has a real scale and field sizes, the map has different fields, different sizes and shapes, how to start the game alone and to play multiplayer.
The game implements the real economic situation in Ukraine and the CIS countries, all prices are changed to real ones, starting from the price, weight, grain volume, ending with the prices of animals, honey, and so on.
Therefore, when launching the game, it will be wise to manage the initial budget. Reduced prices for vehicles, crops, etc., except for the price of vehicles.
The price of the fields is reduced by 13 times, so the land can be bought, but you will have problems with the equipment that can process it. This increases the value of using old and cheap vehicles early in the game. Purchase

The map includes:
- Multi-layer relief (soil 360°);
- Diverse relief;
- Changed textures of trees and foliage;
- New ground paint textures;
- Changed lighting;
- Station for the purchase of lime, manure, silage;
- Weigh Station;
- 2 detailed mechanized yards for parking equipment from garages, sheds, lighting.
- There are 143 fields from 0.1 ha to 235 ha of hay contracts.
- 181 purchased plots.
- 5 huge purchased forest plots.
- 2 gas stations.
- 3 farms.
- 11 points of sale.
- Support for DLC Precision Farming.
- Changed contracts for the economy of Ukraine, new prices for work and equipment rental.
- New owners of fields, contracts for large fields are given to agricultural companies, for small fields - to people.
- Changed the economy.
- Sawmill.
- Livestock dealer.
- Mill (production);
- Oil plant (production);
- Sugar factory (production);
- Bakery (production);
- seed plant (production);
- Grain cleaning (production);
- Sawmill (production);
- Points of sale of potatoes, beets and forests;
- grain dryer;
- Dairy (production).
- Manufacture of feed for pigs, mono-mixes and mineral feed (production).
- Movement of pedestrians and cars;
- Starting house with bees, chickens, greenhouses, sheep and small wood production. The house has a cellar and barn. Sleep trigger.
Everything is modest and cozy.
- New crops: rye, buckwheat, peas, mustard, clover, alfalfa.
- Production of feed for pigs, monomixes and mineral feed.
- Station for the purchase of lime, manure, silage;
- Weigh Station;
Map translated into: English, Polish, German, French, Russian, Czech.


Credits: Artanis

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